Immobilizer is an electronic security system that aims to prevent vehicle theft by controlling access to the engine. It works on the principle of authorization, which must be met in order to start the vehicle. Here is the general way an immobilizer works:

  • Identification: when a vehicle owner inserts a key into the ignition or uses another form of identification, such as a proximity card, the immobilizer begins the identification process. Each key or proximity card is paired with a specific vehicle.

  • Communication with the central control system: When a key is inserted or another form of identification is used, information is sent to the vehicle's central control system, which controls the immobilizer system.

  • Authorization check: The central control system compares the information from the key or proximity card with the data in its memory. If the data match and the identification is correct, the immobilizer recognizes the user as authorized and allows the vehicle to start.

IMMO OFF or immobilizer deactivation.

A procedure that makes it possible to start the vehicle, bypassing the immobilizer system. This is useful in cases where immobilizer performance problems need to be resolved or the controller, along with the engine, is placed in another car. Deactivating the immobilizer can also facilitate vehicle maintenance and repairs.

We disable immobilaisers in most available car brands on the market!

BMW, VAG, PSA and other...

We disable immobilizers without using emulators!

  • BMW
  • EDC16
  • EDC17
  • MEVD17
  • MSx
  • MSSxx
  • MSVxx
  • MSDxx
  • VAG
  • EDC16
  • EDC17
  • MED17
  • All Simos's
  • PCR & PPD
  • MG1
  • MD1
  • PSA
  • EDC16
  • EDC17
  • MED17
  • All DCM's
  • All SID's
  • MD1
  • MG1

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We offer cloning, copying of drivers, modules!

When the original controller/module becomes damaged or has a failure, cloning allows you to create a copy of the control program on the new controller/module, making it Plug & Play for replacement.

We do stationary orders as well as for shipping!

Key cloning BMW, VAG, PSA and other brands


We offer coding of keys and picots.

  • - All Key Lost  (When we lose the only key to the vehicle).
  • Standard coding of an additional key/pilot.

We perform orders stationary as well as under shipping! Learn more about the procedure to perform the service on your car!

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