Editing of ECU files

The professional ECU file editing service allows car owners to customize the parameters of the ECU computer to suit their individual needs. Customers who purchase and upload their ECU computer batch files have the opportunity to modify a number of parameters including increasing horsepower, torque and fuel efficiency of their vehicle. Our team of specialists provides precise and safe modifications, customizing the engine computer to the customer's requirements. With our services, your vehicle will become more personalized and customized.

We can edit the ECU files on many levels. Among other things, we have the possibility to disable the immobilizer (IMMO OFF), deactivate DTC codes or deactivate the failure modes needed under engine swap.

Deactivation of failure modes is essential when replacing an engine in a vehicle. The new engine may differ from the original one in many respects, such as technical parameters, sensor configuration and accessories. To ensure proper operation of the new engine, it is necessary to adjust the settings and parameters of the ECU (electronic control unit) and deactivate or adjust the failure modes.

Failure modes, such as emission failure mode and ignition failure mode, are programmed into the ECU to protect the engine from damage in the event of failure or malfunction. When replacing an engine, these modes may be inadequate or limit engine performance.

Deactivating or modifying the failure modes allows the ECU to adapt to the new engine, providing full control over its parameters and performance. This is a key step in the engine swap process to achieve the best results and optimize vehicle performance. Professional editing of ECU files is necessary to accurately adjust ECU settings to the new engine and ensure optimal performance.

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