We offer solutions to deactivate immo systems (immobilizers) in cars. Immobilizer is a security feature that can sometimes cause trouble for vehicle owners, especially in the event of a malfunction or loss of the key. 

Our batch files allow you to disable or bypass these systems. We offer professional and safe solutions that allow you to maintain the full functionality of your vehicle without unnecessary difficulties. In our offer you can find both original files and already modified ones.

After purchase, you will receive a carefully described file and before uploading the file, please read the instructions carefully. 

Here you will find ready-made solutions to deactivate immobilizer systems in cars. An immobilizer is an invaluable security feature, but it can sometimes cause trouble, especially if you lose your key or it malfunctions. Our ready-made IMMO OFF files are available immediately, which means you can regain access to your vehicle easily and conveniently.

Our offer is an effective solution that allows you to keep your vehicle fully functional and hassle-free. Using our solutions, you will gain confidence that your car will be available whenever you need it, with full protection and safety.

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